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Crochet Knitting the Beach plus Pics Fun in The Sun!

Purple Scarf Hand Knitted

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Above: Pics I took of my Sister, Mary Christi, yesterday at the Beach ...

Yesterday, my sister had to make a special trip to the Volkswagen Dealer (she just bought a new VW, Lucky Girl!), so we decided to combine the trip with visiting the beach and taking photos of her latest creations, the handmade knitted scarfs using Bernat Boa Yarn (buy Bernat Boa Yarn Cheap! -- click here)

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We kind of think it is ironic ... Here it is almost 90 degrees and she is modelling a winter scarf at the beach, no less. Yet, these scarves are a joy to have around your neck, they are so soft!

After taking the pics, we decided to take a "beachcombing" walk on the beach. We live near Melbourne Beach and there is a stretch of beach from Melbourne Beach past Sebastian Inlet where people find GOLD almost daily. Yes, GOLD!

It seems that hundreds of years ago, the Spanish lost (sank during bad storms) lots of ships off the coast that were filled with Gold and Jewels.

Lucky beachcombers (using metal detectors or not) continue to find bits and pieces of the lost treasures. Sebastian Inlet seems a hot place to find treasures, but we didn't make it that far south yesterday.

Unfortunately, no gold was found by us -- however, we did find a thoroughly enjoyable time. We had the beach completely to ourselves. The sound of the crashing waves and warm sand completely relaxed us (and gave us an appetite!).

We headed over to Friendly's Restaurant and enjoyed a yummy meal! They have so much to choose from!

Then drove back home.

What a Wonderful Day!