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Crochet 2014 Infinity Scarf Cowl Oversize Extra Long Extra Wide New 2 Sisters Handmade

2 Sisters Handmade has several new crochet 2014 – 2015 designs. One of my favorites is the
Chunky Oversize Infinity Scarf Cowl that is Extra Long Extra Wide as shown below:

2014 Crochet Infinity Scarf Cowl Extra Wide Extra Long 2sistershandmade


For more information on this Crochet 2014 Oversize Infinity Scarf Cowl [click here]


You can also CUSTOM Order colors of your choice!

This Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl / Wrap is the perfect fashion statement for work or play!

If you freeze at work, this scarf will keep you warm for sure!

It is one HUGE circle and it can be worn as a trendy single loop (recommended with the loop behind you) or double it for a super chunky infinity scarf cowl, or even slip part of the scarf over your head, loop it & have a chunky hooded cowl.

Crochet 2014 Super Oversize Chunky Infinity Scarf  Cowl

This Oversize Super Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl makes and excellent gift idea for someone special!


Winter Fashion Trends Fulfilled by 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy Infinity Scarf Cowls Galore!

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Long Chunky Oatmeal

2012 – 2013 Winter Fashion Accessories of Infinity Scarf Cowls hit the runways with a blast. This year the infinity scarf cowls are chunkier and amazingly warm and comfy.

At 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy.com you’ll find these trending fashion scarves in all colors and styles.

Here are a few new infinity scarf designs by 2 Sisters Handmade:

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Gray

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Gray [Click Here]

Chunky oatmeal infinity scarf crocheted with a wool blend yarn. Super bulky yarn used to make the scarf thicker, warmer and super chunky.

It’s this winter fashion season’s accessories must have! The size is perfect at about 6″ inches wide and 70″ inches one continuous loop. It looks excellent as a long circle scarf or loop it for a chunky cowl, or wear it as a hood and chunky cowl.

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Long Chunky Oatmeal

Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl [click here]

Made with Double Bulky Yarn Crochet, Oatmeal Color.

You can wear this long circle scarf in many ways. Loop it 1, 2 or 3 times, or even use as a hood and chunky cowl.

Size is Approximately 7.5″ wide by 65″ long in one continuous loop.

Super Soft, Thick and Warm, it is made with DOUBLE Strands of high quality acrylic yarn- super bulky weight.

Little Red Riding Hood Chunky Infinity Scarf Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Hood [Click Here]
Etsy Title: Scarf Cowl Hood OOAK Chunky Cowl Handmade Crochet in Red

Incredibly Chunky and Soft, right in line with Winter Fashion Accessories Scarf Cowls Hoods, You’ll look great in this “Little Red Riding Hood” Cowl!

Those above are just a few of the great selections on 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy.

Watch our Infinity Scarfs Video:


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