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The Infinity Scarf Sale – Oversized Scarf Huge Scarf Squishy Soft Oversized Infinity Scarf -Best Gift – 2SistersHandmade Etsy .com

Oversized Infinity Scarf Huge Infinity Scarf Squishy Soft 2SistersHandmade The Infinity Scarf

Huge Infinity Scarf Squishy Soft

Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl
Classic Black
Squishy Soft, Warm & Versatile

Inspired by Outlander Claire's
Huge Infinity Scarf Cowl, Wrap


★ Infiniti Scarf Cowl DESIGN:

This scarf's design is inspired by Outlander Claire's Huge Infinity Scarf Cowl, Wrap! It is handmade crochet in a loop in my Exclusive 2 Sisters Handmade Design of special loose crochet stitches that create a squishy softness.

Oversize Infinity Scarf The scarf is very warm and soft. The stitch pattern creates a very soft pattern of ridges and valleys. It's perfect for festivals and fairs cool evenings.

There is a slight variation (about 1/2 inch) in the pattern of stitches where each row is joined together. I consider this area as the "back" which can be worn in the back of the neck and not seen.

The scarf is made with 5 ★ Lambs Wool Blend Yarn, 20% Lambs Wool and 80% Acrylic Yarn.

Big Squishy Infinity Scarf


• LONG & WIDE : About 60 Inches Loop (circumference)
by 11 Inches Wide

The Long Wide Size is a great size for those who wish wear the scarf in a single loop AND have the option of looping it to make it a Fashion Statement - Chunky Cowl.


This Super Soft Oversized Infinity Scarf is in Classic Black


If you desire a different size, color or color combo you can create a custom order.



2Sisters Handmade Shop

Two Sisters Love Their 2 Sisters Hand Made in USA Chunky Infinity Scarfs Gifts!

Two sisters who received Hand Made in USA Crochet Chunky Infinity Scarfs as Christmas Gifts sent us a pic wearing them and telling us how much they LOVE their new scarves!

We TRULY love and appreciate it when customers send us a pic wearing our exclusive design hand made in USA products! It is a thrilling feeling and hard to explain ...

Customers LOVE 2 Sisters Handmade Infinity Scarf Cowls!

Thank you Kourtney B and sister for sending us your pic! We truly appreciate it!

You can purchase the Long Infinity Scarf Cowls at our Etsy Shop : :

Direct Link: Cream Vanilla Infinity Scarf Cowl | 2SistersHandmade on Etsy [click here]

Direct Link: Mustard Gold Infinity Scarf Cowl | 2SistersHandmade on Etsy [click here]


Infinity Scarf, Crochet Oversized Scarf, Hooded Scarf, Chunky Cowl

oversized infinity scarf cowl

New! Oversized Infinity Scarf, Hooded Scarf Chunky Cowl now available!

We've been busy with our Shop!

There are lots of new & exciting designs listed. One that will definitely keep the cold at bay is the Oversized Infinity Scarf at about 40 inches circumference & 15 inches wide.

NOTE: This Scarf Has to Be Special Order or Custom Order --
[click here] then click on "Custom Order Button"

Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl Hood

The one in the pic above is Burgandy. We also have it in Black, Cream, Rust / Burnt Orange, Bright Blue

Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl Hood [Click Here]

To see all the colors available.

There is really only one place to find oversized infinity scarfs like the one posted above. That is on -- I have yet to see these types of infinity scarf hoods on any shopping sites like Amazon or other "designer" shops.

Come by our Facebook Page for newest listings & announcements: 2Sisters Handmade on Facebook

Infinity Scarf Cowl Custom Choose Your Color for Infinity Scarf Cowl

Green Infinity Scarf Cowl

At 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy, we're pleased to announce the ability for you to Custom Order your favorite color for our bestselling infinity scarf cowl ...

Infinity Scarf Cowl

Infinity Scarf Cowl [Click Here]

We have several colors to choose ...

Custom Infinity Scarf Cowl

Below are a few examples of our customer favorites & bestsellers:


Green Infinity Scarf Cowl

Green Infinity Scarf Cowl [Click Here]


black infinity scarf cowl

Black Infiniti Scarf Cowl [Click Here]

TOP Seller! Winter White!

winter white infinity scarf cowl

Winter White Infiniti Scarf Cowl [Click Here]

The price is just $28 each + shipping. We usually ship within 1 business day using USPS Priority, so you will get your infinity scarf cowl super fast.


Longest Scarf Ever for Sale at 2SistersHandmade Press Release

Longest Scarf Ever Handmade For Sale on 2SistersHandmade on Etsy Unique Gift Idea

BUY Longest Scarf Ever [Click Here]

UPDATE: This Scarf (Longest Scarf Ever) has been sold -- However, you can Custom Order a Scarf at any length you like!

Just visit 2 SistersHandmade for Custom Order Scarves -- Click on the Custom Order Button [click here]

Below is our Press Release regarding our new creation -- The Longest Scarf Ever!

Introducing the Longest Scarf Ever, Handmade Crochet by
Dated: Nov 26, 2012

The online Shop,, is pleased to announce their latest handmade crochet design and winter scarf creation, "The Longest Scarf Ever", that can actually be worn. The scarf is well over 12 feet long and on sale now.

Anne Dixon and Christi Kenlon, owners of the online Shop,, are pleased to announce their latest designer handmade crochet design and winter scarf creation, "The Longest Scarf Ever" that can actually be worn. The scarf is well over 12 feet long.

2SistersHandmade shop owner, Anne Dixon, explains that the 2012 - 2013 Winter Fashion Accessories are revealing bulkier, chunkier, and longer than ever knitted and crocheted scarves and cowls.

However, most winter designer scarves that claim to be "the longest" are found to be between 8 to 10 feet long. Ms. Dixon has found that there are no handmade crochet scarves that are over 12 feet long, until now.

Ms. Dixon was inspired to design and create this amazingly long scarf after researching the new fashion trends in winter accessories. The longer, chunkier and unique, the better, seems to be the theme this year.

Although there have been several handmade "longest scarf" claims over the years, most are extremely long
(over 1000 feet), and unwearable. "The Longest Scarf" by, at over 12 feet long, can
be worn comfortably and will fit right in with the trending high fashion 2012 - 2013 winter fashion

The online shop,, was created by sisters Anne Dixon and Christi Kenlon in October 2012. The sisters have been filling their shop with designer handmade crochet and knitted scarves, infinity scarves, chunky cowls, neckwarmers and slouchy hats using top quality yarns.

All the handmade items are, of course, made in the USA, since they both live in Florida, just 2 streets away from each other.

Shop owners, Ms. Dixon and Ms. Kenlon invite you to visit their online shop. The "Longest Scarf Ever" is now for sale on their shop and is the perfect gift for a "person who has everything," because they certainly will not have this winter scarf.



Winter Fashion Trends Fulfilled by 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy Infinity Scarf Cowls Galore!

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Long Chunky Oatmeal

2012 - 2013 Winter Fashion Accessories of Infinity Scarf Cowls hit the runways with a blast. This year the infinity scarf cowls are chunkier and amazingly warm and comfy.

At 2 Sisters Handmade on you'll find these trending fashion scarves in all colors and styles.

Here are a few new infinity scarf designs by 2 Sisters Handmade:

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Gray

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Gray [Click Here]

Chunky oatmeal infinity scarf crocheted with a wool blend yarn. Super bulky yarn used to make the scarf thicker, warmer and super chunky.

It's this winter fashion season's accessories must have! The size is perfect at about 6" inches wide and 70" inches one continuous loop. It looks excellent as a long circle scarf or loop it for a chunky cowl, or wear it as a hood and chunky cowl.

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Long Chunky Oatmeal

Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl [click here]

Made with Double Bulky Yarn Crochet, Oatmeal Color.

You can wear this long circle scarf in many ways. Loop it 1, 2 or 3 times, or even use as a hood and chunky cowl.

Size is Approximately 7.5" wide by 65" long in one continuous loop.

Super Soft, Thick and Warm, it is made with DOUBLE Strands of high quality acrylic yarn- super bulky weight.

Little Red Riding Hood Chunky Infinity Scarf Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Hood [Click Here]
Etsy Title: Scarf Cowl Hood OOAK Chunky Cowl Handmade Crochet in Red

Incredibly Chunky and Soft, right in line with Winter Fashion Accessories Scarf Cowls Hoods, You'll look great in this "Little Red Riding Hood" Cowl!

Those above are just a few of the great selections on 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy.

Watch our Infinity Scarfs Video:


Come visit and get your 2012 to 2013 Winter Fashion Accessory Scarf today!

Stunning Peacock Blues Scarf Sale, Boa Handmade Knitted Scarf Buy Bernat Boa Yarn

Buy peacock blue knitted scarf boa

PRICE: $23.00
To Order [Click Here]

This super soft, luxurious peacock blues scarf boa will become your favorite accessory! You will definitely get noticed and receive compliments when you wear it.

You really have to feel it to understand just how soft and luxurious it is. It was hand knitted by my sister, Mary Christi. It is 100% polyester peacock blues "Boa" yarn named "Mink". It is an incredible 6 feet long!

It may be handwashed & lay flat to dry.

The color is peacock (blues) and gives the impression of tiny feathers or fur -- it even feels like soft fur (mink?) or feathers.

Buy Bernat Boa Yarn Online & SAVE Money

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