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Giant Knit Blanket, Super Chunky Knit Blanket, color: DuckEgg, Merino on Sale Today!

THE SMOOSH BLANKETTM* A super soft, luscious cloud of pure Merino wool with deep pockets of warmth created by the traditional 2by2 ribbing. Size: 33x 56" Color: Duck Egg……SMOOSH blankets are hand crafted from hundreds of yards of hand spun marshmallow soft Merino wool…. Merino wool is the pinnacle of softness, sought-after as a natural, next-to-skin luxury fiber. Merino fibers are so fine that when pressed against the skin they gently bend, meaning no sensation of prickle, only softness. This one is a special SUPER CHUNKY knit….luscious super soft, lofty clouds of that pure merino -Content: Pure Merino ….Dry Clean only…spot clean with mild soap, do not rub…Lay flat to dry Hand Spun in Smoke Free Studio….due to the nature of the natural wool, some shedding may occur in the beginning, but should settle over time.