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Two Sisters Love Their 2 Sisters Hand Made in USA Chunky Infinity Scarfs Gifts!

Two sisters who received Hand Made in USA Crochet Chunky Infinity Scarfs as Christmas Gifts sent us a pic wearing them and telling us how much they LOVE their new scarves!

We TRULY love and appreciate it when customers send us a pic wearing our exclusive design hand made in USA products! It is a thrilling feeling and hard to explain …

Customers LOVE 2 Sisters Handmade Infinity Scarf Cowls!

Thank you Kourtney B and sister for sending us your pic! We truly appreciate it!

You can purchase the Long Infinity Scarf Cowls at our Etsy Shop : 2SistersHandmade.com :

Direct Link: Cream Vanilla Infinity Scarf Cowl | 2SistersHandmade on Etsy [click here]

Direct Link: Mustard Gold Infinity Scarf Cowl | 2SistersHandmade on Etsy [click here]


OVERSIZED INFINITY Scarf Cowl Extra Long Huge Circle Scarf Loop Scarf in Oatmeal Crochet 2 Sisters Handmade

We have ALOT of NEW 2 Sisters Handmade Infinity Scarf Designs for Fall and Winter Knitwear Fashions!

Here is one that will definitely keep you warm and toasty!

Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl 2014 Crochet 2 Sisters Handmade

Buy Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl – Handmade in USA! 2SistersHandmade on Etsy [ Click Here ]

This oversize handmade chunky extra long infinity scarf cowl is crocheted using 5 Star Rated soft, wool blend, thick bulky yarn and is the perfect accessory for either men women or teens!

This oversize infinity scarf is crocheted in a neutral oatmeal color (natural beige with strands of black and brown wool fibers throughout)

The infinity scarf is long, wide and super versatile!

It can be worn as a trendy single loop, double it for a chunky infinity scarf or triple loop it for a super chunky cowl scarf.

The infiniti scarf cowl is about 68 – 70 inches circumference and about 9 inches wide. It will look fab with your sweaters, jackets & coats this season.

Another Pic:

Oversize infiniti scarf cowl 2 sisters handmade

Buy Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl – Handmade in USA! 2SistersHandmade on Etsy [ Click Here ]

Crochet 2014 Infinity Scarf Cowl Oversize Extra Long Extra Wide New 2 Sisters Handmade

2 Sisters Handmade has several new crochet 2014 – 2015 designs. One of my favorites is the
Chunky Oversize Infinity Scarf Cowl that is Extra Long Extra Wide as shown below:

2014 Crochet Infinity Scarf Cowl Extra Wide Extra Long 2sistershandmade


For more information on this Crochet 2014 Oversize Infinity Scarf Cowl [click here]


You can also CUSTOM Order colors of your choice!

This Oversized Infinity Scarf Cowl / Wrap is the perfect fashion statement for work or play!

If you freeze at work, this scarf will keep you warm for sure!

It is one HUGE circle and it can be worn as a trendy single loop (recommended with the loop behind you) or double it for a super chunky infinity scarf cowl, or even slip part of the scarf over your head, loop it & have a chunky hooded cowl.

Crochet 2014 Super Oversize Chunky Infinity Scarf  Cowl

This Oversize Super Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl makes and excellent gift idea for someone special!


Winter Fashion Trends Fulfilled by 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy Infinity Scarf Cowls Galore!

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Long Chunky Oatmeal

2012 – 2013 Winter Fashion Accessories of Infinity Scarf Cowls hit the runways with a blast. This year the infinity scarf cowls are chunkier and amazingly warm and comfy.

At 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy.com you’ll find these trending fashion scarves in all colors and styles.

Here are a few new infinity scarf designs by 2 Sisters Handmade:

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Gray

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Gray [Click Here]

Chunky oatmeal infinity scarf crocheted with a wool blend yarn. Super bulky yarn used to make the scarf thicker, warmer and super chunky.

It’s this winter fashion season’s accessories must have! The size is perfect at about 6″ inches wide and 70″ inches one continuous loop. It looks excellent as a long circle scarf or loop it for a chunky cowl, or wear it as a hood and chunky cowl.

Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Long Chunky Oatmeal

Extra Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl [click here]

Made with Double Bulky Yarn Crochet, Oatmeal Color.

You can wear this long circle scarf in many ways. Loop it 1, 2 or 3 times, or even use as a hood and chunky cowl.

Size is Approximately 7.5″ wide by 65″ long in one continuous loop.

Super Soft, Thick and Warm, it is made with DOUBLE Strands of high quality acrylic yarn- super bulky weight.

Little Red Riding Hood Chunky Infinity Scarf Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, Chunky Infinity Scarf Cowl Hood [Click Here]
Etsy Title: Scarf Cowl Hood OOAK Chunky Cowl Handmade Crochet in Red

Incredibly Chunky and Soft, right in line with Winter Fashion Accessories Scarf Cowls Hoods, You’ll look great in this “Little Red Riding Hood” Cowl!

Those above are just a few of the great selections on 2 Sisters Handmade on Etsy.

Watch our Infinity Scarfs Video:


Come visit and get your 2012 to 2013 Winter Fashion Accessory Scarf today!

Infinity Scarf Cowl – Super Thick, Soft & Chunky – Double Bulky Yarn for Sale

I just got this Infinity Scarf Cowl Cowl done — It’s a brand new design for our 2 Sisters Handmade Etsy Shop.

This seriously makes a GREAT Christmas Gift — for someone special men or women (or Yourself!). Very Trendy and in Style this Winter.

Infinity Scarf Cowl Super Thick Soft & Chunky Extra Long for Sale

Infinity Scarf Cowl Super Thick Soft & Chunky — Buy It [Click Here]

It’s on Etsy at our shop 2 Sisters Handmade — we take Paypal and Etsy Direct Checkout.

Here’s some more pics of this ” title=”Amazing Infinity Scarf Crochet” target=”_blank”>amazing Infinity Scarf Crochet

Wear Infinity Scarf as a single Loop Scarf

Loop it 2 times or 3 times for a Chunky Cowl

We wrap all orders in FREE Gift Wrapping — Stars:

Free Gift Wrapping

Thanks for Looking!

Chunky Infinity Scarf – Infinity Loop Scarf – Bulky Cowl for Sale – Spicy Red

Red Infinity Scarf

Red Infinity Scarf Red Infinity Scarf Chunky Cowl Bulky Infinity Loop Scarf for Sale

Buy it On Etsy [Click Here]

PRICE: $29

This Chunky Cowl, also known as an Infinity Scarf or Neck Warmer will definitely keep you warm and comfy. Wear it long, double it up or even as a hood and neck warmer to keep you ears warm if a cold wind surprises you.

The Long Infinity Scarf was handmade crocheted by me (Anne).

The color is a spicy red or deep red (slightly darker than the pics are showing). The color will make anyone look their very best and is perfect for the holidays.

SIZE: approximately 60″ circumference x 6″ wide
YARN: Bulky 100% Acrylic
COLOR: Dark Red

CARE: Machine Washable & Dryable — However we suggest you Line Dry It.

Makes a Great Gift!

Custom Orders Are Welcome!