Silk Ribbon Yarn – “At the Bahamas” – Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn – Brilliant Jewel Toned Multi Colored Hank – Best Silk Ribbon for Sweaters, Hats, Shrugs, Wraps or Shawls on Sale Today!

At the Bahamas is recycled sari silk ribbon yarn in stripes of bold, vibrant jewel-toned hues! If you think the colors pop on the Internet, wait until you see them in person. Each hank is 100g and has about 177ft of ribbon. Unlike some yarns, At the Bahamas is truly multi-purpose! You can knit, weave, spin it together with your favorite fibers, crochet, or even, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, use it to do things like wrap gifts and packages! After a long and strict selection process, the women who make our product cut the edges, and sew them end-to-end to create this phenomenal one-of-a-kind yarn. Darn Good Yarn is committed to bringing you fun and funky yarns with purpose and connection. All of our yarns are hand made by women's co-ops in India and Nepal. The women who work for us are hand-selected for their skill and given a wage that not only allows them to become self-sufficient and provide for the basic needs of their family. When you create with Darn Good Yarn, not only are you making something that is totally unique, you are making something that you can feel good about.

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