Reclaimed and Recycled Embellished Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn – Istanbul Sparkle on Sale Today!

This is recycled sari silk ribbon in stripes of bold, vibrant jewel-toned hues with sparkles and glitz sprinkled through! If you think the colors pop on the Internet, wait until you see them in person. Each hank is 100g and has about 30 yds of ribbon in it:) Gauge: 2.5 stitches per inch on size 11 needles. After a long and strict selection process, the women who make our product cut the edges, and sew them end-to-end to create this phenomenal one-of-a-kind yarn. As always, remember that by getting this yarn (or any of our yarn or products for that matter!) in using it in your project,you are helping the women of India and Nepal become self-sufficient and provide basic needs of their family- like food, healthcare, shelter, and education- in ways they could not have otherwise done.

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