Multicolored Tibet Jewels Silk Sari Strip Ribbon Yarn 100g on Sale Today!

Tibet Jewels is a recycled silk sari ribbon yarn that can be used for knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning with your favorite fiber, or wrapping presents. This yarn takes you from January to december and it will never feel "same old, same old." This beautiful, upcycled yarn is created by women in fair trade co-ops by collecting the remnants of sar silk fabric accumulated during the truing and trimming of the manufacturing process. The individual silk strips are about ¾" wide and sewn end-to-end to create this one-of-a-kind yarn! Each 100g skein has about 130 feet. If you have allergies to metals, please be careful with this yarn! It does have brocade in it which can contain metal threads. Darn Good Yarn is committed to bringing you fun and funky yarns with purpose and connection. All of our yarns are hand made by women's co-ops in India and Nepal. The women who work for us are hand-selected for their skill and given a wage that not only allows them to become self-sufficient and provide for the basic needs of their family. When you create with Darn Good Yarn, not only are you making something that is totally unique, you are making something that you can feel good about.

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