Images, Etsy Success, Social Media OH MY!

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while. My sister and I have been incredibly busy.

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We now have 2 Shops:

2 Sisters Handmade [click here]
(we also have the .com —
We’ve filled this shop with warm and cozy Infinity Scarf Cowls, Hats and more.

And, of course, our first shop
Made With Luhv [click here]
Features Crochet and Knit Baby Items

Busy, Busy With

I am in awe with successful shop owners. I don’t know how they get everything done!

First there is creating the product, then taking the pictures, posting the product (and pic), packing and shipping the sold items, customer service (notes to customers, etc), social media and more!

One of our biggest challenges has been getting good pics / images of our products.

I think we took about a million pics. Finally, we found “Frenchie” our new scarves “model,” and “Heddy” our new hat “model” — you can meet them on our facebook page [click here].

Sales on each of the Etsy Shops

We have had sales on each of the Etsy shops — which is a step in the right direction!

Hopefully, all of this will be “old hat” and we will be able to fit everything into our schedule.

Keep watch for posts about our new products.

Thanks for visiting!

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