Longest Scarf Ever for Sale at 2SistersHandmade Press Release

Longest Scarf Ever Handmade For Sale on 2SistersHandmade on Etsy Unique Gift Idea

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UPDATE: This Scarf (Longest Scarf Ever) has been sold -- However, you can Custom Order a Scarf at any length you like!

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Below is our Press Release regarding our new creation -- The Longest Scarf Ever!

Introducing the Longest Scarf Ever, Handmade Crochet by 2SistersHandmade.com
Source: 2SistersHandmade.com
Dated: Nov 26, 2012

The online Shop, 2SistersHandmade.com, is pleased to announce their latest handmade crochet design and winter scarf creation, "The Longest Scarf Ever", that can actually be worn. The scarf is well over 12 feet long and on sale now.

Anne Dixon and Christi Kenlon, owners of the online Shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/2SistersHandmade, are pleased to announce their latest designer handmade crochet design and winter scarf creation, "The Longest Scarf Ever" that can actually be worn. The scarf is well over 12 feet long.

2SistersHandmade shop owner, Anne Dixon, explains that the 2012 - 2013 Winter Fashion Accessories are revealing bulkier, chunkier, and longer than ever knitted and crocheted scarves and cowls.

However, most winter designer scarves that claim to be "the longest" are found to be between 8 to 10 feet long. Ms. Dixon has found that there are no handmade crochet scarves that are over 12 feet long, until now.

Ms. Dixon was inspired to design and create this amazingly long scarf after researching the new fashion trends in winter accessories. The longer, chunkier and unique, the better, seems to be the theme this year.

Although there have been several handmade "longest scarf" claims over the years, most are extremely long
(over 1000 feet), and unwearable. "The Longest Scarf" by 2sistershandmade.com, at over 12 feet long, can
be worn comfortably and will fit right in with the trending high fashion 2012 - 2013 winter fashion

The online shop, 2Sistershandmade.com, was created by sisters Anne Dixon and Christi Kenlon in October 2012. The sisters have been filling their shop with designer handmade crochet and knitted scarves, infinity scarves, chunky cowls, neckwarmers and slouchy hats using top quality yarns.

All the handmade items are, of course, made in the USA, since they both live in Florida, just 2 streets away from each other.

Shop owners, Ms. Dixon and Ms. Kenlon invite you to visit their online shop. The "Longest Scarf Ever" is now for sale on their shop and is the perfect gift for a "person who has everything," because they certainly will not have this winter scarf.



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